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Living With Hypothyroidism


What is Hypothyroidism?

The American Thyroid Association (ATA) defines Hypothyroidism as an underachieve thyroid gland.  Simply put.  It’s when a person’s thyroid doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone to support the functions of the body.  These functions include how quickly or slowly one’s heart beats and the speed at which you metabolize food.  This can be a problem if you’re trying to lose weight but your body is metabolizing at a slower than usual pace.  The most common cause of hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto.  I fell victim to this autoimmune disease at 14 when my body began attacking my thyroid because it recognized it as a foreign object.  At the time, I felt completely horrible! I had no energy and just getting up in the morning was a huge push.  Flash forward 15 years later and I’m in the best shape of my life and most days feel amazing! (Notice I said most days.)  I go through periods here and there when I still feel sluggish and start to feel myself putting on some weight, but for the better part of 15 years, I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and now, a body that I love.     
If you’re also suffering from hypothyroidism and trying to get healthy, I understand your struggles.  I am not a doctor and cannot tell you what you SHOULD do, only what I do.  I am very particular about what I eat and WHEN I eat it.  For instance, I schedule my carbs around my workouts and try to stick to protein in the mornings with minimal carbs. I STAY ACTIVE!! Being active helps kickstart my body and metabolism.  Doing something active in the morning is a great way to get things going.  I don’t often have time for morning workouts, so instead I choose to park at the far end of the parking lot at work in order to get a brisk walk in and take little walks up and down the stairs randomly throughout my day.  These little things definitely add up and can do wonders even if they are hard at first.  

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Ladies, are you skipping chest day?


Your answer should be

Mondays are international chest day.  Which means good luck finding a bench or bar at the gym. While men anxiously await their next chest day, I haven’t seen or spoken with too many women who even train chest.  I have also been guilty from time to time to neglect this very important part of my body.  As women, we often get caught up in building our booties or cutting our abs.  BUT THIS MUST STOP! 

Your chest muscles are integral to good posture and mitigating future back pain.

 An added perk (pun intended) is that working your pectorals – the muscle under a woman’s breasts- will add a little extra perk to your breasts!  

Your chest muscles are a big part of your every day activities.  For instance holding that heavy bag of groceries or your child are just two out of hundreds of instances you use these important muscle.  So while it may seem you are using your back and biceps, your chest is doing a lot of the heavy lifting.  And let’s not forget, neglecting your chest will result in under used, tight muscle that could start pulling your shoulders forward.  Forward leaning shoulders or hunching shoulders, also known as bad posture, is NOT a good look and can lead to “phantom” aches and pains that can put you on the injury bench and make daily chores hard to do.
So the next time you’re thinking about skipping chest day, DON’T! Feel free to throw a few chest exercises to the end of your leg day or create a new back and chest day! Dumb bell press and chest flies are a good place to start!